This Weeks Special

The special of the week is: Persian Bakhtiari. The size is 10feet 3inches by 7 feet 2 inches (10.3X7.2).

$995 with FREE shipping in the USA. The retail price of this rug is $3500

Crafted by the Bakhtiari peoples of the Khuzestan province in Iran,
this finely-made decorative tribal rug would be a perfect addition to
any space. It can easily adapt to either a modern or antique room
because it contains the best traits from both designs. This particular
Bakhtiari livens up a room with its vibrant colors as most modern
designs strive to do.

It’s intricate and extravagant designs,
from the detail on the floral centerpiece to the consistency of the
bold pattern on the border, contribute to a fine antique finish that
promotes the quality and elegance of the Bakhtiari’s appearance. This
rug combines refined antique sophistication with fresh vibrant
modernism creating the ultimate statement piece.


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