Create a sense of luxury and warmth in any setting by the addition of a handmade oriental rug from Merrifield Oriental Rugs Inc. Every piece in our inventory has been hand selected with modern and vintage designs in mind. Our extensive inventory, experience, and passion for the work we do contribute to a rich cultural shopping experience that you may never forget.

“The ability to readily replace an object inevitability decreases the sense of it preciousness” – James Opie

Handpicked Oriental Rugs

The intoxicating history of the art of rug weaving has been fully explored and experienced by our well traveled owner, Sayeed Hasanzadah. From countries such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran to exotic atmospheres such as India, China, Turkey, and Nepal, Sayeed has experienced all for the sole purpose of finding the most unique and magnificently made rugs on the market.

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